We like everyone else in the world miss being together and hearing live music and arts.

It’s why we do what we do and makes us who we are.

When we broadcast events that connect radio stations and music lovers around the world – we see first hand the insanely talented people who make things happen behind the scenes.

Branding at In The MOOD live broadcast from Ibiza IMS Finale party

From the artists and their teams, audio engineers, lighting geniuses to caterers and the people that keep us all safe from harm to name just a few- suddenly the entire events industry has ground to a halt – and shockingly in almost all cases with no financial help for these workers as suddenly their roles are not ‘viable’.

Please support #wemakevents .  The entire industry of making people happy is at risk from collapse whilst mass gatherings are banned and the domino effect will be catastrophic for us all.     

Stay safe and please mask up .